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What Others Are Saying - Real testimonials, from real people, most these comments were made by real folks in golf forums and private correspondence. For privacy sake, I first checked that I could “quote them”. Some even said they’d be happy to be contacted directly. A far cry from the normal “first initial, last name only” testimonials that most sites put up. Enough said!

A Real Letter From A Real Golfer - One of Us

Various Snippets and “Glowing Comments”

Despite having only used the exercises for a few months, the improvement to my game has been most striking…..I reckon I am 20 yards longer off the tee and PW is up to 100 metres which is 10% extra for me for sure, with no less of control and indeed a better quality of strike. 


                 -David Young  - Rotterdam, Netherlands


Ok Mac,,grin

I should have posted sooner.. I really appreciate your work, it is really helping me. I just couldn't get out of the hit mode consistently since I started golf about 8 years ago.

Simple Golf, BGG, IMA, Graves, I had trouble with all of them.. I was Swinging Hard and coming over the top.

Your method, with the book and the Video's o line, has me really consistent now. I have developed some lag, and its a good work in progress, but what has really got me consistent is the magic move to get down to 6/100 position,, It is so easy to do now that I am doing the drills. Now its just making retaining the angle a Habit.. Even if I actively swing through with my hands (which I'm working on pure centrifugal at that point to correct) I still hit the ball as far, or further than I did swinging with upper body centrifugal without the magic move and Bertholy. Also I have started using Clearkey again. Your book is the complete package. I wish you had this out about 4 years ago, but sure glad I'm a student of yours now.

Thanks again, I believe from my experience that it is
the best method out there. (I have about 40 books and 40 Video's of other methods, so to say this is the best (for Me and I believe for others) is saying a lot.


                          - Ron Fox “rofox” - a post in the SA Golf Forum

                                                                  Broken Arrow, OK


This is a long way to my telling you that I think what you have done is brilliant. You have an ability to create with your words a clear picture of what needs to be done while performing each programme, but also why it is important to do so. The pictures/diagrams of the pros that you have included and both views of each of the programme (Canadian spelling) moves, makes everything crystal clear…, with everything in it's proper sequence, and just the correct amount of explanation and elaboration. Your writing style reminds me very much of Carey's in that it just flows in a natural, logical sequence with no "Huh's??" along the way.


                          -Lyle Alexander   “near scratch” golfer of 50+ years                                                                   Ontario, Canada


You post more truth about the golf swing in a  comprehensible manner than everyone else on the web.


                          - Dr Randal Rasmussen, 6 Handicap

And one of my favorites:

He First posted this in the SA Golf forum on 1/14/10:


I have the Blueprint, and I have even been fortunate enough to receive a personal lesson [on how to do the drills correctly] from Kevin, ....and my observations, after having tried EVERYTHING ever presented to stop casting over the top and achieve THE MASTER MOVE, are as follows:

1. The thought and dedication put into this program is second to NONE.
2. The validity of what Kevin is teaching is unmatched and has been personally tested by him.
3. Achievement of the desired results takes an incredible amount of WORK.....I believe it would be MUCH easier for a beginner with 'some skill' than will be for my 60 year old 'habits of a bad swing' to be broken
4. An individual should not get caught up in questioning if this "Blueprint" is effective or not, INSTEAD you should ask yourself how hard you are willing to work, and how much time you are willing to put in, BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST PROGRAM AVAILABLE [especially for the money], and it has been done by a gentleman that has 'developed a fine swing' himself, thus providing proof the system works IF you are willing to WORK.


Then, on 2/6/10 I received this email from him:


This morning I am having coffee at my club fitter's shop, watching a guy hit shots on the monitor system........when he finishes he tells me to get on there....."no, I say...I don't even have my clubs.......AND I haven't actually hit a golf ball in over 2 months".....after more urging I say "what the hell" and we put a driver together out of a Callaway I-Mix Cart similar to mine, only a R flex instead of an A.......starting with my second shot, I consecutively and consistently hit the next 10 shots 5-7 mph faster club head speed, and 15-25 yards more carry than I have ever had before.......I was STUNNED..........


                                                                                                                                  -John Holman “moestheman” in the SA Golf Forum -  Bryan, Ohio



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