Practice doesn’t make perfect...practice makes permanent. If you desire to improve, you must certainly practice. But you must make certain you are practicing CORRECTLY! Otherwise your practice is at best wasted effort—at worst it can be very detrimental to your swing and game. Our video checkpoints and lessons will keep you on the right path.

Video Check Point Service - $10

Available at no additional charge to all who purchase The Blueprint For Golf  Full Subscription, any student currently enrolled in a lesson series, and all alumni of Authentic Golf Schools.  12  checkpoints - covering the six exercises.


The reason for this service is obvious—errors get caught before significant time is spent  practicing  the wrong motion.  Often what we perceive we are doing is very different from what we are actually doing.


Simply send your video to Authentic Golf for review. We will evaluate and send back a detailed analysis with suggestions so the student can benchmark their progress. Once the student feels they have made the adjustments, they send a follow-up video.


A check point thus involves a “before and after” of each issue. Whether it is drill from the book, a new move from a lesson, or something being implanted from the schools, the process will work to ensure that our customers stay on track.


Individual check points are available for $10 to anyone who purchases the book only option for The Blueprint.




Video Lessons  - $25

Any golfer may also submit a video of their swing for individual analysis as well. We will provide a detailed analysis and make suggestions for improving the swing based on the swing absolutes taught by Authentic Golf.


  Authentic Golf

         Build your Authentic Swing—Play your Authentic Game

- Video Services

I also believe that the video analysis offering that comes with the manual is brilliant. There are very few PGA pros available who understand this material and who can guide you in your efforts. As a result, the video analysis is invaluable in keeping you from practicing the wrong things for too long.


I have followed Kevin’s teachings over the past golf season and it has resulted in a handicap decrease from 15 at the start of the season to an 8 by the end of the season. Kevin and I have corresponded frequently, and he has analyzed many video sessions of my golf swing. He has a keen eye for quickly finding the flaws in your swing, and then providing illuminating advice for the correction of these flaws. I have had many golf instructors over the course of my 25 year golf journey, and read countless books and magazines on the swing, but few have measured up to Kevin’s abilities.


                                      -Allen Schuerholz

                                    Detroit, MI

Video Analysis That Gets Results :

Blueprint is delivered as a PDF document, well written and with a lot of photos to show what to do. What made me order his system however, was the the possibillity to record myself doing the drills, send it to Youtube for having Kevin to look at my work. After a couple of days I recieved a mail with a detailed analyze containing a lot of picture of my swing with lines indicating what was wrong and pictures showing the right moves. In this way I could correct my drills immediately.


After doing the drill for some more weeks I sent a new movie to Youtube and Kevin's answer confirmed that I was on the right track. If you are on your own trying to learn a golf swing based on a book or DVD it is very difficult to do it correct.


You can send 12 films to Kevin for analyze and for the price he is charging, that is cheap.

I have had lessons with pros's trying to tell me what to do, but having your swing/drills analyzed the way Kevin does is far more valueable for me. I can watch them over and over again to make sure I do it right.


If I wonder about anything, I just mail him and will have a detailed answer in no times.


I highly recommend Kevin and his Blueprint for golf Excellence.


Jřrgen Langeid,

Kristiansand, Norway

From Across The Pond : Works For Him!