A variety of instruction options are available including lesson series, golf schools and seminars, even a “quick fix” lesson. For starters, we suggest purchasing The Blueprint For Golf. Reading and applying it’s principles is the best way to find out about Authentic Golf and the quality of our instruction.  Each book comes with our video check point service, so you will be able to get a feel for the service and help we can provide via  a “virtual lesson tee”.  Once you have completed the Blueprint, you may find that you don't need any lessons at all! If you still feel you need additional follow up, simply contact us for a booking. 

Come To You” Golf Schools:

  Designed for YOUR Schedule, YOUR needs, Your Budget!

Have you ever  considered attending a golf school? But high cost, scheduling and availability conflicts, and hassle of travelling to a distant location always put that out of reach? Wouldn’t it be nice to attend a clinic in or near your home town, with some of your golf buddies, and sleeping in you own bed at the end of the day? Our “come to you” golf clinics allow you to do that very thing. As the name suggests, we literally come to you to hold the school. Instead of each attendee individually having the expense of travel, hotels, and meals, these costs are shared by all attendees—they pay for the instructor’s expenses and the instructor comes to them! This gives the attendees maximum flexibility, both in terms of scheduling and cost in keeping with our AAA promise—Authentic, Affordable, and Available!


Of course if you want a “golf vacation” school or clinic, then by all means book one of those expensive high cost vacation schools. But you know, if you want to do that, you could still book with us and we can come to the vacation destination of your choice, and you’d still be money ahead….way ahead.


The bottom line is quality golf instruction should be affordable to more people, and it should be available with a wide range of flexibility. Our come to you approach meets both these criteria by delivering.

Whether it is an individual lesson, a series, a clinic or a school, all lessons are structured the same way. One lesson is an hour long.  For clinics or lesson series, each lesson is followed by a 15 minute break, and then we proceed to the next lesson. If the lesson series is to take place over a period of weeks, each lesson will begin and conclude with a 15 minute summary of the most pertinent points covered in the lesson, this means that the student must allow for 1.5 hours for each lesson.




  Authentic Golf

Instruction Services

         Build your Authentic Swing—Play your Authentic Game

2010 Fee Schedule:

Individual Lesson :                             $45

Group  Lesson Per Person :              $25

  ( min 3—max 5 )

Playing Lesson:                                   $75

Lessons are available that cover the full swing, short game, putting, on course strategy and mental mastery. Ideally, the potential student meets with an Authentic Golf Instructor and they discuss the student’s goals and objectives.  Based on this, a player improvement plan is tailored with the student’s objectives in mind, and the lessons begin.  Benchmarks for improvement are established and catalogued with video and a series of performance tests. Lessons continue on a schedule convenient to the student, and conclude when the plan objectives have been met. Each student receives a comprehensive evaluation, summary, and self-diagnosis plan at the conclusion of the plan.

Lesson Packages:

Building a Swing You’ll Never Forget

This foundational package is based on the content of our book A Blueprint For Golf Excellence.  Each student receives a copy of the book for study and reference as they go through each lesson. After first reviewing an ideal golf swing and identifying those common absolutes found in all great swings, the student then learns the ideal golf motion a piece at time until the swing is complete. This eight lesson series will give you the foundation to own “a swing you will never forget”.

Customized Lessons / A Partnership In Improvement

Assume you have a group of five that want a  two day Building The Swing Clinic (8 sessions) to come to Chicago.  The cost of the instruction is per the group rate above, plus instructor’s air fare, and lodging and meals of $150 per day. Here’s how it breaks down:



 Sample “Come To You”

    Pricing Breakdown:

Round Trip Cleveland to Chicago:                                   $175        

    ( Std Coach rates, booked 2 months out )

3 day Rental Car—Midsize Car unlimited mileage           $70

Lodging and Meals 2 days                                                 $300

                    Sub  Total  Per Person ( $545/5 )         $109 !

 Eight Sessions @ $25 each  - Std Group Rate                $200 

Total Per person for Two Day Clinic - $309 !

 There is no comparison. Many clinics cost 2 — 4 times as much, just for the school. Travel, lodging, and meals are extra on top of that! Email now for details on booking your own school!