In the book “The Legend Of Bagger Vance”, Bagger Vance and Bobby Jones’ caddy are having a discussion about the swing. The conversation turns to the idea that Bobby Jones’ swing has not changed much since he was a boy. Hardy, a young boy acting as Bagger’s assistant is told swing a club. They both laugh, not at the swing or Hardy, but at it’s utter simplicity and purity of a youth “just swinging”. They conclude that each person swings the swing that is theirs, and theirs only. Or at least they should.  Each golfer possesses within himself a swing that is made for him and no other. Only as the golfer finds this swing, and learns to play it, can he reach maximum potential and experience the full joy the game has to offer. I teach a golf swing that has the golfer build solid the fundamentals  common to all great swings. Don’t read more into that last sentence than is there.  I readily acknowledge no two swings are the same,  but all swings possess certain absolute characteristics. We all walk, but at a different pace, we all talk but with our own dialogue and accent. We all can write , but our hand writing all looks different.


And so it is with the golf swing—or should be!  There is no “one correct” grip or stance.  Is your swing “too flat,” or “too steep"? Who cares? As long as it has the absolutes. Short backswing, long one? A smooth and flowing swing or a staccato and choppy one? Fine! As long as your swing possesses the absolutes you are “good to go.” These swing absolutes are the  foundation of my thoughts on the swing and can be found in my book , “The Blueprint for Golf Excellence—Building a Swing You’ll Never Forget”  In it, I identify only the true absolute moves and positions all golfers need to build a GREAT SWING and provide a system to ingrain those very absolutes into their own swing.  By focusing only on those elements that are absolute, the golfer is freed to allow the swing to adapt to them, rather than the golfer trying to adapt to the swing. In this way the golfer will discover for himself his true Authentic Swing. In short The Authentic Swing is YOUR swing, swung YOUR way…within the framework known to exist in all great swings.


What is The Authentic Swing?

What is The Authentic Game?

Most golfers never develop an Authentic Swing. The reason is they never possess the absolutes, so they can never grow beyond “golf swing mechanics”. They are always focused on the “Swing of Golf”, and can never move beyond to the “Game of Golf”. They are perpetually “trying to figure it out”. They never possess a swing they can call their own. This is of course, not “Authentic” - it is at best a 1/2 built, cheap imitation of some swing style or method that appeals to them at the current moment. And this is the swing they bring to the game. Since they are always focused on learning to swing, they never learn to PLAY. They are still focused on GOLF SWING.


A golfer that has not mastered the absolutes and  developed his own Authentic Swing can never really learn to PLAY the game of Golf. Because he is using a swing other than his own, his game is not authentic. However the moment the golfer possesses his Authentic Swing, he is immediately released to the potential to have an Authentic Game. That’s the good news. The bad news is that a golfer may have an Authentic Swing, and still not play an Authentic Game. In fact it may come as shock to you, but many tour players, are not playing an Authentic Game. How is this possible? To answer that question let’s step outside the golf universe for a minute and into to the world of music.


Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page…..all great guitar players...very different styles. Bach, Mozart, Handel, Beethoven….all brilliant composers, very different styles. It would be silly to expect Jimmy page to play like Jimmy Hendrix, or vice versa.  And of course, Santana could play Hendrix’s songs, but only Jimi can be Jimi completely.  Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Phil Mickelson, Moe Norman, Ben Hogan. All have great swings, and excel /excelled at the game, but they all have/had a different approach. The great ones have all learned to play the game true to themselves, and in a way that compliments who they are. Phil must be Phil, never Tiger.


Hippocrates identified the four basic human behavior types around 400 BC, and though the science describing and detailing  these four basic styles  has changed tons, the four basic styles are still “in play”.  The way people are  and how they relate to the world around them is the way they are—it’s hard wired and unchangeable. Behavior style is different from personality. Basically people interact in their environment in one of four ways—analytically, procedurally, relationally (or collaboratively) and innovatively. Obviously, if a person has a good understanding of who he is, and how he fits in, and he aligns himself with this understanding,  he will live life in a way that is more harmonious and “in synch” than if he tries to be other than the way he was. This applies to golf as well. It behooves a golfer to know what type of golfer he is, so that he can practice and play true to himself. How does one do this? Well, he could spend months ( years ) of self examination and introspection and perhaps arrive at a good estimation of his golf behavior style. Or he could simply contact Clearkey golf and take advantage of their player profiling service. Armed with the knowledge of what behavior type  makes it possible for the golfer to play an Authentic game. Get yours done today! Email me for info.

  Authentic Golf

         Build your Authentic Swing—Play your Authentic Game

Mission StatementFor each golfer to posses an Authentic Game. To give each golfer the  best chance to realize their full potential. We will accomplish this by teaching swing mechanics that exclusively focus on THE ABSOLUTES found in all great swings, and by integrating these swing Absolutes with a state of the art mental approach.  This will empower our golfers to find their  true Authentic Swing, to the end that they will possess an Authentic Game. To make quality golf instruction available to all  by keeping it Authentic, Affordable, and Available—Our AAA promise.