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Welcome to Authentic Golf, the “end game” of golf instruction and learning. Here you will find an oasis from the “status quo” regarding the golf swing and the game. Today’s golfer can buy golf instruction DVD’s or golf books, take golf lessons, even practice 2 hours a day to learn golf. The hope is that they will improve their golf performance. The result is predictable — golf improvement if any, often doesn’t last.

Here you will find no-nonsense help to support your golf game. MY STUFF WORKS. The golf swing is not as difficult as some say it ( want us to think it ) is. All great golf swings have some common Absolutes which must be mastered if you want a great swing. But, beyond that each golfer must play his own swing, and his own game — that is Authentic Golf.

My desire is that you understand what a fine golf swing really is and more importantly how you can posses a golf swing and golf game you are happy with. One you will  never forget.

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