A Blueprint for Golf Excellence



Most golf instruction  shows you what you need in golf swing but falls short on how to get that into your swing. And they mostly ignore the mental aspect of things. The Blueprint shows you want you need to have, then has you “build it in” with simple to follow exercises. At the same time you learn the proper role the conscious and subconscious mind play in the practicing and playing of golf.

  • No range needed, learn in your living room, basement, or garage
  • Learn sound swing fundamentals that every good swing possesses
  • Learn the most powerful mental management technique in golf
  • Easy to follow golf instruction, with video support so you know your practice is correct
  • And most important, IT WORKS, you see results in your swing and your game

Have you ever driven to the course wondering what kind of golf swing you will have for your match today? Or had a great practice session on the range, only to find you left that great golf swing at the range? Perhaps you own many golf books, have purchased all the latest golf instruction DVD’s, taken golf lessons from PGA pro’s, attended expensive golf schools and clinics, and still lasting improvement eludes you.  Maybe you’ve bought new golf clubs looking for help. What you need is The Blueprint.  Stop wondering about your golf swing, and get a golf instruction book that really works. For less than the cost of typical golf lesson from a PGA pro, you can own a golf instruction book that teaches you sound fundamentals and how you can memorize the golf swing so that you will never forget it.

Similar to that developed decades ago by legendary PGA instructor Paul Bertholy, and using a mental approach developed by Clearkey® Golf , students perform a series of golf swing conditioning exercises that progressively enable them to memorize and imprint the moves and positions needed for a great swing. Over time, these moves find their way into your real swing.

The process is supercharged as students learn how to turn off the conscious mind and engage the subconscious. This allows students to experience a level of learning and playing far beyond that which is currently available in the golf instruction industry. The student   learns to play golf without thinking about his golf swing!

The learning can take place in your backyard, basement, or garage! The wonderful thing about our body and mind is that it can learn motion anywhere – the golf ball has nothing to do with this learning,  so no need for a range – save your range money for golf rounds!


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